October 2016
Got a one shot kill my first match on that map, then our team proceeded to get rolled 10/10
new therma is way better
match is scheduled for tomorrow wednesday
Did you see the new terra therma? Looks nice
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Hello Friends,

Summer is drawing to an end, time for a new tournament!

Solaris VII style! who will dethrone our champion? A veteran, a new guy?

Show up and show your skill!

Watch the forums for more information!!


El Maestro

Hello Friends,

It is summer, time to put on your swim suit and dive into SUMMER MAYHEM 2016

Read all about it HERE !!

Sorry guys for the lack of news/stories/bios. Been preoccupied by a lot of stuff on the homefront, but I have not forgotten about you. I have a handful of bios in the wings that I'll be finishing soon, as well as a short story concept I've been working on. 

++++Phoenix Dominion personnel evaluation.++++  

+Name: Vice “Tyrask” Gealgood
+Homeworld: Unknown, Kerensky Cluster
+DoB: Unknown
+Origin: Clan Jade Falcon
+Status: Active as of 3050

+Bio: Once staunchly loyal to Clan Jade Falcon, star commander Vice Gealgood was a prime example of what many among the clans hoped to attain- Honor, admirable combat skills and a freeborn family living comfortably off their patriarch’s success on the battlefield.

All of this was soon to change, when during a full scale Clan invasion of Black Earth in the Federated Commonwealth. Vice refused to attack a civilian population center when his superiors feared it concealed hidden bunkers containing enemy reinforcements, The entire invasion of the planet had only taken about thirty hours, and Vice knew no reinforcements were en route. After the battle, Vice challenged his commander to a trial of position, believing him too callous to command such devastating forces. The duel was hard fought by both sides, and although Vice was soundly defeated, his commander had lost face with his peers and superiors - having been almost defeated by a subordinate he by all rights should have defeated outright.

Forced to leave his unit, and head back to the clan homeworlds, Vice intended to collect his family, and secure passage to the periphery, where they might find a temperate planet with few colonies to settle on, far from the Clans, successor states, and the invasion. When Vice finally returned to his family home in the Kerensky cluster, he found his wife and children butchered at the hands of assassins, the very same assassins who awaited Vice when he entered his habitat. Fueled by rage, Vice mutilated the assassins with his bare hands. The final attacker, gurgling blood through the ragged holes Vice had peeled into his face, confessed his former superior responsible - the death of Vice and his family was to stand as an example to any who would stand in the way of the Jade Falcon Touman.

Swearing revenge against his commander, Vice, now only known as Tyrask, fled the Clan homeworlds for the inner sphere, Where he supplemented many mercenary groups, alongside many other clan castoffs, eventually settling with the Star Nova Legion. After months of hard battle against Clan and inner sphere enemies alike, Tyrask finally realized his opportunity to find his vengeance. In 3052 the Star Nova Legion had been seconded to the com guards and were scheduled to take part in the battle of Tukayyid. Tyrask plead his case against his SNL commander, citing his former Jade Falcon status, and the knowledge of their tactics. Tyrask himself had one personal mission, Kill his former commander by any means necessary, which in this case would be Tyrask jamming the arm mounted U/ac5 of the JM6-DD through his prey’s cockpit glass before slowly crushing him against his command console like a fruit in a meal tin.

Sadly, The skill of the attacking Jade Falcons proved to be too much for the defending Star Novas who were all wiped out to the last man, That man being Tyrask himself. Little did Jade Falcon know, but their former star commander had been pivotal in securing the draw for the city of Olalla. This would be the source of much controversy, as crusader minded Falcons would seek to undermine the Truce.

After attaining peace for his slain family, Tyrask devoted himself to forming a new inner sphere, where the Clans and successor states could live in at least some loose semblance of peace and coexistence. To this end, He sought the fabled Phoenix Dominion, which was rumored to be comprised of some of the finest Mechwarriors, AeroPilots, and Soldiers the galaxy could produce, and nearly every one of them was a Clan Exile or a progressive Freelance IS mercenary. It was here where Tyrask would find his new family, among the dominion, where the only justice to seek is that of the battlefield.   

+Dominion Evaluation: Pilot’s skills are admirable among many fields, the nature of losing his family has galvanized his resolve. Pilot is a resolute, reliable leader and has risen greatly since being folded into the ranks of the Dominion.

++++ Phoenix Dominion Database ++++

++++Phoenix Dominion personnel evaluation.++++  

+Name:”Blaze” Williams
+Homeworld: Talitha, Draconis combine
+DoB: Unknown.
+Origin: Draconis Combine
+Status: Active as of 3050

+Bio: “Blaze” Williams began his career as a mechwarrior on the planet Talitha, after like many others, being recruited into service of the local Draconis planetary defense forces and was called to action when the clan invasion fell upon the inner sphere. During a Clan sanctioned trial against Clan Smoke Jaguar, Blaze’s unit, the Draxa Fang was wiped out, primarily by a clan pilot in a MDD-A, who targeted the cockpits of his opponents, killing all of Blaze’s comrades.

After the battle, With clan forces victorious, the leader of the Smoke Jaguar’s lance that had all but wiped out the Draxa Fang, forced his subordinate to allow Blaze to duel him, to settle the honor. Both mech’s were heavily damaged, but the arrogant clanner thought he would defeat the his enemy with one volley of all of his weapons, but upon his final shot the Maddog overheated, and it’s pilot killed by overwhelming heat. As was clan tradition, to the victor, the spoils, Blaze was allowed to leave the planet on a mercenary dropship - the heavily damaged MDD-A as his trophy.

Blaze never returned to his home on Talitha, refusing to return to the combine, who had sent his unit on the suicide mission against the Smoke Jaguars that cost his unit their lives. Harboring a bitter resentment for both the Clans and his sworn allegiance - Blaze sought out a higher calling, and was drawn to the enigmatic Phoenix Dominion. The Dominion had made a name for itself, having arisen out of almost nowhere, in a very short time, Blaze followed the spreading rumours of the Dominion’s frequent victories, and savage but cunning nature - Combining the swiftness and combat prowess of the Clans with the resilience and perseverance of the inner sphere. It took months, but Blaze eventually found a representative for the Phoenix Dominion, and was accepted into their ranks.


+Dominion Evaluation: Where pilot is lacking a wide range of experience across a wide variety of battlemech variants displayed by veteran dominion pilots - Pilot more than makes up for this deficit with his ability to follow orders, and adapt to changing situations across the battlefield. Pilot’s close range ability is well above average, given he’s piloting a familiar mech, and quickly adapts to new variants that follow suit as close range combat support. If Pilot continues to display such proficiencies, he will undoubtedly find success among the ranks of the Dominion.

++++ Phoenix Dominion Database ++++

++++Phoenix Dominion personnel evaluation.++++  

+Name: Novah Ikkala
+Homeworld: The Rock.
+DoB: Unknown.
+Origin: Clan Wolf(By trial of possession)
+Status: Active as of 3050

+Bio: Originally born in the Oberon Confederation, N.Ikkala would lead a mundane life until 3049, when Clan Wolf obliterated the Confederation and The Rock was absorbed into the clan’s occupation zone. As a notably progressive clan, Clan Wolf was known for it’s unorthodox tactics regarding prisoners of war, and conquered populations, after a lengthy process of proving one’s loyalty to the clan, they might fight alongside them in battle. Such was the case for Novah, as a young cadet, he trained alongside trueborn and freeborn clan comrades alike, and due to his natural talent at a young age, was allowed to take part in trials usually only afforded to fully fledged clan members. In the 14 months after the fall of the Oberon Confederation, Novah had attained the Title of Mechwarrior - seeing the honor in the way the clan’s afforded their adversaries the same rights as they would a fellow clan, and agreeing to equal terms on the battlefield, Novah joined the Clan Wolf invasion corridor. But before long, Novah grew weary of the constant pitched battles, with the clan’s almost always prevailing over their innersphere counterparts, who would often fight to the last man than give willingly a single inch of their precious territories - in the months after his campaigns began Novah became disillusioned with Clan Wolf - respecting the clan’s teaching, but upset at the clan’s collective drive to destroy the successor states at any means that they would trample all that stand in their way. Although Novah viewed the Clans as his home, he could not ignore that there was much good to be had in the inner sphere outside the near constant infighting. No longer willing to Drop onto worlds with almost no chance of defending against their fury, Novah brought his concerns to his superiors, and eventually challenged them for control of his unit in a trial of refusal. Novah may have won the duel, had it not been for the interference of another pilot in his unit - crippling his mech, while breaking the rules of the trial - Novah was allowed to live, but with much disgrace in his unit for having challenged the Clan way of life.

The now dejected Novah, did not wait long to act. Using the few contacts he had among other Clans who had experience with mercenaries, Ikkala managed to secure a newly fitted Timberwolf from Clan stores on a newly conquered world, where security was more than lax after an overwhelming victory. Using stolen credentials, a stolen mech, and a myriad of clever but bold faced lies, Novah managed to secure a transport offworld, and eventually into the ranks of the nearly endless supply of mercenaries looking to make a profit from either side of the Invasion.

Traveling from conflict to conflict, Novah gained considerable combat skills from facing numerous enemies, both Clan and IS - and absorbing their tactics over time. It wasn’t until Novah’s contracted unit was Defeated by the enigmatic Phoenix Dominion that Novah sought change. Seeing the way the Dominion had conducted itself on the battlefield, and how their unit was comprised of men and women from everywhere in the galaxy, from Clan to Sphere - with only two things linking them together - their ferocity and loyalty to their unit. ‘Mechs would selflessly shield their exposed comrades with no heed of damage or death if it meant securing victory.

After that battle Novah Ikkala had a new mission, Join the Phoenix Dominion, and Fight for a Free Galaxy.


+Dominion Evaluation: Pilot displays a myriad of upper echelon combat skills, despite being a relatively green Pilot in terms of overall time in combat, Pilot’s combat decision making capability is of the highest caliber, A welcomed addition to the ranks of the Phoenix.   

++++ Phoenix Dominion Database ++++

Soon to feature the Battletech profiles of Tyrask and Blaze. Submit a short bio (about a paragraph or two, list homeworld, is or clan origin, and main life events)

I'll do em when i get around to em, seniority first.

Hi everybody

The time to record cool games and cool actions is over, lets upload them to finalize our recruiting and advertising movie project

 click here to read all the details about how to do it

(Popular among the residence of the Inner Sphere, and invading clan forces alike, first hand accounts of unfolding battles between contracted Mechwarrior units are a highly sought after commodity for the various HPG new nets, especially valuable among these accounts are the War diaries of Clanners. Becoming regarded across the Inner Sphere as cool headed warriors, with a calculated view of the battlefield - praising friend and foe alike for their prowess in battle. Being Mentioned in one of these war diaries, and respected in the eyes of even one Clanner - who's mettle in war are near unequal - was a sign of great respect among IS pilots, and would serve to grow that both the pilots legacy, and that of his unit.)

///-Transmission begins++++

This Week In Commstar independent news: War Diary, addition one!  

Post Battle Report - Nov.3050. Invasion wave IV, Forest Colony - Planet [REDACTED]. Unit - Classified, Clan Smoke Jaguar. Pilot:[REDACTED],Clan Smoke Jaguar (Status:Mercenary) Audio Log, Dictation.

[Pilot name redacted] Reporting.. It was your average Mercenary affair, a few of my party of freelancers Contracted up with some Marik forces to retake a processing facility from it's new Independent owners, who had settled it fleeing the invasion, and found an archeotech horde. We planned on securing it with Marik forces doing the brunt of the heavy lifting, and scouting for the coming Smoke Jaguar Invasion force that would be arriving in a few weeks. One thing stood out among the contracted defenders, a couple of pilots sported the colors and livery of a Unit known a Phoenix Dominion, We didn't think anything of it at first, just another couple of pilots from another fledgling mixed unit of clan cast offs and IS wannabees. Boy were we wrong. 

The enemy had holed themselves in on a seemingly un-important pass in GridH9, with what seemed like little tactical advantage, or at least that's what we thought when we pounced on them from the cliffsides. We were dead wrong on that, the firefight that followed our ambush was spectacular, in both its visage, and the amount of damage done. Rocks turned to slag, rivulets of molten metal ran into pools in the depressions of the rock  and dirt, trees were vaporized or set alight by the intense heat of beam weapons, or the thermal exhaust of overheating mechs, flushing their radiation ports. When the smoke cleared, There were only 4 mechs left standing. 3 allies of mine, 2 of them of my unit, and one Phoenix standing over the smoking wreck of his comrade.

I had managed to pull myself from my Timberwolf's hardened cockpit, and with a little jury rigging, succeeded in getting my camera drone up, so I could follow the battle. Buying just enough time for the pilot of the stricken Dominion mech to dive clear of his slag pile, The Mauler 1-R took a pounding as it finally moved for cover in the giant cement culvert where so many husks of mechs lay smoking from the earlier onslaught. Tons and tons of armor were vaporized in seconds, but what fall colored paint remained near the cockpit showed the call sign "Crispy Chicken" almost immaculately stenciled -and miraculously still visible over the smoke and battle damage. 

Heavily damaged as it was, the tons of armor that now lay soaking into the dirt and rock of the river bed had bought the Chicken enough time to ready his final racks of missles, positioning himself in an ambush position, hoping my allies would think he had fled. I tried to raise my surviving allies on comms, but my relay was burnt to a crisp in my smoking wreck, so it was no use. As my 2 squadmates crested the hill in single file, and turned the corner of the cement aqueduct, they found out what I already knew.

The Chicken had not fled. 

As soon as my first surviving squadmate's mech turned the corners, a salvo of missiles assaulted and obliterated the damaged Warhawk's cockpit like a crushed meal tin, It's limp un-powerd myomer chassis falling to expose my other squadmate, utterly surprising him. After some impressive footwork from a rather heavy mech, my other squadmate fell, his engine burnt through by a lucky (that's my story I'm sticking to it!) shot from The mauler's large pulse laser array.Cursing my fortune I nearly broke my foot as I kicked the shattered armor glass of my upturned cockpit. 

The final Portion of this encounter made the most impression on me. A veteran Raven pilot, Battlemech intact, laid into the stricken Mauler, using it's speed and maneuverability to dance and dodge around the lumbering 90 ton mech. The Raven slowly picked at the Chicken, Victory seemed assured for him, like a vulture picking at the not quite dead body of a victim too weak to fight back. Near overheating, and recovering from an involuntary shut down, the Chicken decided only one Bird would survive that day, and feigning critical damage lured the Raven in. 

The Raven, It's pilot driven by the lust for a kill on a considerably larger opponent, closed the distance as if to gloat before striking the death blow to it's opponent, nearly aligning cockpits to do so.

Just then, the nearly destroyed arm of the Mauler shot out with amazing speed Pinning the Raven's torso to a jutting spire of rock the Chicken had used to shield it's sensitive rear armor. The Chicken's Mauler Stood motionless, It's would be attacker's legs hanging uselessly 2 meters from the ground, pinned to the rock. This moment lasted only a few seconds, but It seemed like ages before the Chicken's large pulse fired, tearing a hole straight through the torso of the raven, melting the engine compartment. 

Before letting the lifeless mech slip into the shallow riverbed, the Chicken aligned their Cockpit glass, Both mech's glass too polarized to see though - and opend his comms. He said one word.


Audio log ends.



Rex Hauser posted Mar 4, 16

In the midst of the clan invasion, billions of lives are swept up in the whirlwind of war, many within the inner sphere and the clans harbor mixed emotions and opinions on the invasion itself. For those within the inner sphere who are downtrodden or oppressed by their neo-feudalistic masters of the great houses, the clans represent salvation, and the return of the legendary Star League, or at least force the hand of the many fractured sects of mankind to unify once again under the banner of a new star league, but for every civilian or serf that views the clans incursion as a possible respite from the constant inter-house wars and resource wars, there are many more who view the invaders as arrogant barbarians who's brute force is only matched by their superior technology.  For the Clans, the decision to return to the inner sphere from their much secluded cluster, and cut a swathe of destruction straight to earth to reclaim the cradle of humanity. Much resistance was met within clan leadership, Kahns and IKhans openly defied each other, civil infighting among the clan escalated for many reasons - from securing a place among the number of invading clans, or to prevent the invasion altogether, to say the time of invasion was a trying tumultuous time for the Clans would be an understatement to say the least. Tension on every side of the multifaceted conflicts of the galaxy were running at near breaking points, with faction assets either being wiped out in pitched battles, or held deadlocked in combat the intensity of which had not been seen in centuries. 

As the invasion unfolds in the months of 3050, setting the stage for the war torn decades to come - many on both sides saw fault in their individual leadership, causing them to strike out as mercenaries and freelances, from both the Clans and Inner Sphere, saw to set their own allegiances, and at the very least shift the balance of power to a more level field. The title of mercenary was always a somewhat respected position, resting laurels on a warriors individual merits and skills, instead of their birthright within a house or a clan creche. Many mercenary groups attained fame, infamy even legendary status throughout the years, their exploits on the battlefield being broadcast nearly galxywide by the HPG news networks, as battle reports from every sector stream in, and territorial borders are constantly redrawn. Many among the teeming masses of the galxy's commonwealth find inspiration and hope from these broadcasts. Tales of valiant Mech warriors from both sides of the invasion, fighting for whatever cause they themselves deem worth dying for, often in the face of overwhelming odds - and always upholding their contract. 

Of the abundance of merc groups within the galaxy, it takes a great deal of prestige for a handful of individuals to gain any form of influence or notoriety, Some are so well known they are near untouchable in status, others are so disgraced they are the object of galaxy wide scorn. However, there are a few out there that walk a thin line between famous, and anonymous - but their actions are felt deeply throughout the Galaxy, for their tenacity and force of will are unmatched, Numbering less than 100 of the finest mechwarriors, The Phoenix Dominion - although not featured on every news net in the galaxy -  their exploits are well known to any Independent colony seeking rescue from their oppressive inner sphere masters, or a settlement unwilling to surrender to a clan invasion force unwilling to negotiate terms.

The Phoenix Dominion can be described well enough by those who choose to serve within it. All cast offs and renegades from the Clan invasion who believe it wrong to roll over the Inner Sphere like a wave of destruction, or Inner Sphere warriors who have grown weary of the oppressive restriction of the noble houses, or the monopoly Comstar holds over the galaxy's voice, and the growing division among Comstar leadership. 

Since the onset of the invasion, what started as a small lance of mechwarriors, mostly defections from various clans - swelled in ranks to nearly a platoon of seasoned veterans of the invasion, who share the same ideals. For any who seek a free and fair galaxy, amidst the ever tilted odds of the constant wars the great houses of the inner sphere and clans make on one another - The Phoenix Dominion stands as refuge for any who seek a worthy cause, and prove themselves in the trials of fire, alongside their brother warriors.

(Introducing the Journalism section of the news! At the very least - twice a month, I <Rex> will write up the exploits of anyone among our group willing to send me a report of play by play of important and/or exciting/awesome matches. Be it triumphing as the last mech against a lance, securing a fair number of kills while displaying a fair amount of skills, or just anything "holy shit" worthy. Please feel free to submit to me private messages with explanations of your exploits, links to videos or screen shots are acceptable - and as a favor to me, the mechs involved in the skirmish at hand and if applicable, who else in the Unit was there, and PLEASE title these submissions, as Inner Sphere News, or Clanner War Diary - this will effect the style in which I write your individual submission, and what emphasis is important. Thanks, looking forward to all of your submissions soon, Good hunting.)